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Hur är Ronja?: Välkommen

When I arrived at my sister's where I was to have my make-up done for the wedding, I was met by a good and happy Gothenburg woman who radiated joy and security!

It felt so obvious, everything she did, every step and moment. Just as safe and secure as you want someone you let control to be!

Despite the fact that we were in the middle of gluing false eyelashes, she managed to cheerfully and educationally calm down a slightly over-excited 8-year-old who actually thought it was her turn to get make-up NOW!

The makeup was absolutely incredible and I felt like an awesome update of myself, and the makeup stayed where it should through sweat and tears, hundreds of hugs and billions of kisses! Thank you Ronja! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know and ever meet!!


Ronja is very service-minded and easy to work with. Quickly understood what I wanted, gave good input and felt safe throughout the process. Delivered brilliant results.

Is quick to respond to inquiries and followed up well. She delivers an overall concept. Good at both make-up and hair, gives good input on other styling and is also entertaining in the meantime. She is pleasant to have in the context and at the same time is professional and performs her work in the best way.

Straightforward communication and I felt like I was in safe hands the whole time knowing she was doing everything to make me look my best.

Good products, generous with tips and good pricing. A very affordable overall concept. Fantastic to have one and the same person who can solve everything, instead of hiring several people to arrange different things. This saves time, logistics and money.

The make-up stays on very well and for a long time. Ronja is not only incredibly good at what she does, she is also smart and business-oriented.


Can strongly recommend Ronja as MUA in connection with weddings. The make-up turned out superbly and highlighted one's best sides. Something we really appreciated about Ronja was that she is flexible and goes the extra mile for her customers! With her lovely personality, she contributes to an atmosphere that is at its peak during the preparations. The make-up lasted all day and evening and we can only thank Ronja for making me and my husband our best selves during our big day <3


Første gang jeg møtte Ronja var på min bryllupsdag. Jeg hadde i tiden før vi møttes sendt henne noen bilder av hvordan jeg ønsket at hår og sminke skulle være. Jeg var så klart spent og litt nervøs for om det ville bli sånn jeg hadde tenkt, da vi ikke hadde hatt prøvetime på forhånd. Men dette var ingen problem. Ronja skjønte akkurat hva jeg ønsket. Hun hadde full kontroll og jeg kunne bare slappe av! Hun er nøyaktig og så hva som passet til akkurat meg. 

Jeg er så takknemlig for at det var du som hjalp meg denne dagen<3

Benedikte- Dals Långed 

Ronja is cute, responsive and patient. With her calmness and professionalism, she gave us a great start to the big day and we kept ourselves looking good until the wee hours. She didn't let herself be disturbed by an enthusiastic eight-year-old who was then overjoyed that she too got curls in her hair and glittery make-up!

True - Heatstroke

Hur är Ronja?: Omdömen
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