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Congratulations, this page is for you who are getting married or know someone who is. Here I help you through from click to moment. So the whole process from the time you are here and click around until you stand radiantly beautiful on your day. 

Why wedding stylist

My name is Ronja Mägi Sandell

I love everything about weddings. From the first contact with you expectant brides, to the morning where emotions and mood are bubbling. I love to highlight the inner beauty you already possess and make a lasting make-up that highlights you. To then see how beautiful you feel inside and out is absolutely the best part of my job.  Therefore, it was easy for me to target weddings in particular.

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Konsultationer 2024

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Konsultation sida 1.jpg

Bröllopsleverantörer- Sidan under uppbyggnad.....

Mina sammarbetspartners och tips kring de bästa bröllopsleverantörerna

There are many of us who work to create a dream wedding, here I have gathered the suppliers I can really recommend to you.  

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